Mystery Solving Treasure Hunt
A letter of request from the King of the Snow Kingdom Motted Kingdom has arrived! Find the hidden treasure in the kingdom! A letter of request from the King of the Snow Kingdom Motted Kingdom has arrived! Find the hidden treasure in the kingdom!


The "MADARAOKINGDOM" is a riddle solving game to find the treasures hidden in the Madarao Mountain Resort,Iiyama Nagano.
Participants purchase a kit at the reception desk and solve the mystery while skiing.
With one kit, you can play both beginner level and advanced level courses, and the target age group is 8 years old and above, so it can be enjoyed by families, couples, and friends.

謎解き宝探し Event summary
Nagano Prefecture Madarao Mountain Resort
Holding period
15th Jan 2022 (Sat)
-13th Feb 2022 (Sun)
※Please note that the event may be cancelled or temporarily suspended depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection. Please check the official website before attending.
¥500(1 map = 1 pair)
Everyone is welcome to participate.
※You can choose between a Japanese version kit and an English version kit.
※There are two levels of treasure hunt problems to choose from, beginner and advanced, but both can be played with the same kit.
Target Age
Elementary level :over 8 years old
Advanced level : over 12 years old
※The beginner level is for those who can ride the first lift and come down.
※The beginner level does not include any exploration on the slope, but the advanced level does include exploration on the slope.
※Since this is a treasure hunt in a ski resort, please make sure that small children are accompanied by a parent.
Estimated time required
Elementary level 60minutes~
Advanced level 90minutes~
Open time
Participation Kit sales/riddle solving start 9:30Start
End of Participation Kit sales 14:30
Acceptance of reports of completed puzzle solving 16:00
(※Clear awards can be picked up at any time during the event.)
Participation Kit
Sales location and report
Madarao Mountain Resort On the slope Bottom area
Special reception desk in Restaurant Heidi
※This video will play audio.
ーAbout the COVID19ー
【Decision on participation in events due to COVID19 infection control】
Please refrain from participating in the event if you are not feeling well, or if you have cold-like symptoms including fever or other health problems.
Please make your decision to participate in the event after giving top priority to your health and safety.
In order to prevent infections, please wear a mask when participating in the event, and wash your hands frequently. The event may be temporarily suspended depending on the infection situation, so please check the website before participating.
【For your safety and peace of mind.】
  • Staff measures: Hand washing and gargling, mandatory wearing of masks
  • Sanitizing measures: Regular sanitizing of the reception area
  • Social distance: We keep our distance from our customers.
※We ask for your consideration and cooperation.
A double chance!

We will be giving away the following products
by drawing from among the participants
who answered the questionnaire on the registration form!

  • Madarao Mountain Resort,Iiyama Nagano「Lift ticket 1 day」.Pair tickets for 2 people x 6 pairs.Valid until the end of the 2022-2023 season.Total 12 persons
  • (Guided)「E-BIKE Tour」Pair tickets for 2 people x 2 pairs.Available period: May 14 (Sat) - October 16 (Sun)Excluded days
  • Madarao Vacation Village.Accommodation Voucher.Pair tickets for 2 people x 2 pairs.Available period: May 14 (Sat) - October 16 (Sun)Excluded days

When the spirits of winter come to visit, the "MADARAOKINGDOM" a country on a plateau rich in nature, the kingdom is transformed into a beautiful, all-white snow kingdom.

One day, a letter of request arrived from the king of the kingdom, the "MADARAOKINGDOM.
"I have a favor to ask of you, my talented treasure hunters.In fact, the winter spirits that visit our country have lost their power.If this continues, our country will lose its precious snow the next year.According to an old book, if we can find a treasure called the "Treasure of Radiance you can regain the power of the winter spirits.
However, the location of the treasure is a cipher that no one has been able to solve.
Can you help me solve the code and find the "Treasure of Radiance"?

Now, let's set off on an adventure to find the hidden treasure in the MADARAOKINGDOM!


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